SWAMP Papers – Journals & Conferences

In addition to managing four pilots and creating the SWAMP Platform, the SWAMP members contributed significantly with the generation of knowledge beyond the current state of the art, publishing papers in relevant journals and conferences.

Journal/Magazine Papers

Year Title Journal/Magazine
2018 Dynamic Linked Data: A SPARQL Event Processing Architecture Future Internet
2018 SWAMP: a Platform for IoT-based Precision Agriculture (in Portuguese: SWAMP: uma plataforma para irrigação de precisão baseada na Internet das Coisas) Fonte
2019 Smart Water Management Platform: IoT-Based Precision Irrigation for Agriculture Sensors
2019 Internet of Things boots Irrigation in Agriculture (in Portuguese: A Internet das Coisas impulsiona a Irrigação na Agricultura) Computação Brasil
2019 Building the Semantic Web of Things through a Dynamic Ontology IEEE IoT Journal
2019 Advancing IoT-based Smart Irrigation IEEE IoT Magazine
2020 Architecting and Deploying IoT Smart Applications: A Performance–Oriented Approach Sensors
2020 BIoTA: A Buildout IoT Application Language IEEE Access
2020 Exploring the adoption of Precision Agriculture for irrigation in the context of Agriculture 4.0: the key role of Internet of Things Sensors
2021 A Survey on Trustworthiness for the Internet of Things IEEE Access


Conference Papers

Year Title Conference
2018 SWAMP: an IoT-based Smart Water Management Platform for Precision Irrigation in Agriculture IEEE GIoTS
2018 Dual-Mode Wake-Up Nodes for IoT Monitoring Applications: Measurements and Algorithms IEEE ICC
2018 SWAMP: Smart Water Management Platform Overview and Security Challenges IEEE DSN
2018 Scalability of an Internet of Things Platform for Smart Water Management for Agriculture FRUCT
2018 Soil water balance model CRITERIA-1D in SWAMP Project: Proof of Concept FRUCT
2018 Control Methods in Automated Gravity Irrigation Systems: a review FRUCT
2019 Mapping the NGSI-LD Context Model on Top of a SPARQL Event Processing Architecture: Implementation Guidelines FRUCT
2019 Analysis of the variables that affect the intention to adopt Precision Agriculture for smart water management in Agriculture 4.0 context IEEE GIoTS
2019 Designing an Open IoT Ecosystem WCN
2019 A Digital Twin for Smart Farming IEEE GHTC
2019 Foundations of Data Quality Assurance for IoT-based Smart Applications IEEE LATINCOM
2019 End-to-end Security in the IoT Computing Continuum: Perspectives in the SWAMP Project ACM LADC
2020 A Fuzzy Irrigation Control System IEEE GHTC
2020 IoT-based Measurement for Smart Agriculture MetroAgriFor
2020 Understanding the tradeoffs of LoRaWAN for IoT-based Smart Irrigation MetroAgriFor
2020 Enhancing Soil Measurements with a Multi-Depth Sensor for IoT-based Smart Irrigation MetroAgriFor
2020 The SWAMP Farmer App for IoT-based Smart Water Status Monitoring and Irrigation Control MetroAgriFor
2020 Water spray detection for smart irrigation systems with Mask R-CNN and UAV footage (Best Paper Award!) MetroAgriFor
2020 Sensitivity of the agro-hydrological model CRITERIA -1D to the Leaf Area Index parameter MetroAgriFor
2020 Calibration equation and field test of a capacitive soil moisture sensor MetroAgriFor
2020 Smart Water Management in Agriculture: a Proposal for an Optimal Scheduling Formulation of a Gravity Water Distribution System MetroAgriFor
2020 A Nearest Neighbors based Data Filter for Fog Computing in IoT Smart Agriculture MetroAgriFor
2020 Enabling Context Aware Tuning of Low Power Sensors for Smart Agriculture MetroAgriFor


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