SWAMP Newsletter #2 Released – Message from the Coordinators

We have the pleasure to release the second SWAMP Newsletter, to spread the word about the latest developments. The SWAMP project has been generating theoretical and mainly practical down-to-earth knowledge about applying IoT technologies, managing large amounts of data and using artificial intelligence algorithms and optimization techniques to create sensible water need estimates and water distribution schedules.

The SWAMP Project has officially ended on October 2020, but this is not a farewell message, since the project has been extended in Brazil up to April 2021 and members will continue to publicize results. Also, this webpage will be up and running for many years from now.

In the SWAMP Newsletter #2 we expect to convey valuable information to different interested stakeholders regarding the latest developments in the pilots, whose local efforts have been extremely impacted by the 2020 COVID pandemic. Also, this issue summarizes the results of 11 papers recently published by the SWAMP members.

If you are willing to obtain additional information regarding the SWAMP Project’s findings, please do not hesitate to contact us by any means, including the official project email at contact@swamp-project.org.




Juha-Pekka Soininen & Carlos Kamienski



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