SWAMP takes part in the 19 th RNP Workshop (WRNP 2018)

The SWAMP project actively engaged in the 19 th RNP Workshop that took place in Campos de Jordão during May 7 th and 8 th . Campos do Jordão is a popular winter touristic place, situated in the Mantiqueira Mountains at 1,628 metres (5,341 ft) above sea level and is the highest city in Brazil.

The Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa – RNP) provides access to the Internet and other services to a myriad of academic and research institutions in Brazil. Also, it funds R&D projects aimed at putting forward the current state of the art and practice in computer networking and distributed systems. Since 1999, RNP organizes an annual workshop for bringing together its target public to the newest technological advancements and research and development hot topics in ICT.

SWAMP, like dozens of other collaborative projects, had a booth at the lobby area of the Campos do Jordão Convention Center. Also, SWAMP participated in a panel aimed at discussing the Brazil & EU cooperation in ICT (http://video.rnp.br/portal/video.action?idItem=42100&idVideoVersion=40979). All six projects selected in the 6 th joint call had a representative member in the panel. Overall, it was an excellent opportunity for communicating the project goals and challenges, as well as an opportunity for clustering activities with similar projects.


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