SWAMP presented at FAUBAI 2018

The SWAMP project was presented at FAUBAI 2018 (faubai.org.br/conf/2018), the Annual Conference of the Brazilian Association for International Education.
The oral presentation was titled “Research Cooperation between Brazil and Europe in ICT: Experience with Joint Calls” and SWAMP was highlighted as an example of a EU-BR collaboration research project selected in the 4 th joint call.

Brazil and Europe have been launching coordinated calls for the development of collaborative research projects in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), focusing on topics such as Future Internet, Cloud Computing, Smart Cities, Big Data, 5G Networks and Internet of Things. Since 2010, four coordinated calls have been launched resulting in 193 proposals submitted involving hundreds of institutions (universities, research institutes, companies, government agencies) of both continents. From those proposals, 20 were selected where each party funded 25 million euros. In Brazil, these proposals are funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC) and run by RNP (the National Network of Research and Education), having the European Commission as its counterpart in Europe. The four calls were launched in 2010 (goo.gl/fpThxm), 2012 (goo.gl/XMTCfi), 2014 (goo.gl/ss4pmL) and 2016 (goo.gl/B6DVxK). Currently, projects selected in the first and second calls are already finished, projects selected in the third call are in progress and projects selected in the four calls started in the end of 2017. The outcomes in terms of research contributions and increased collaboration
between Brazil and Europe have been positively assessed and therefore a fifth call is already being planned.

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