SWAMP present at WWRF 41

SWAMP project was presented at Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) meeting 41 in Herning, Denmark at August 31. WWRF (www.wwrf.ch) is a global community that tackles with research challenges in wireless communication domain. Currently 5G mobile system specification issue is the hottest topic. Recently WWRF has started activities for developing virtual integration platforms (VIPs) for various domains. In WWRF41 event a special session was held in 5G and water management and SWAMP was one of the invited attendants.

Our presentation aimed at providing user perspective and requirement perspective for mobile communication experts. Agriculture and irrigation water management has specific features that should also be taken into account in future mobile networks. Our pilots also highlight nicely different situations and conditions that also 5G has to face in the future.

The WWRF is a global community and discussion covered for example Japan, India, and Africa. It was very easy to see that water is a global issue.


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