SWAMP participates in Cloudscape 2019 and WCN 2019 in Belém (Brazil)

The SWAMP project actively participated in different activities of the twin events Cloudscape Brazil 2019 and Workshop of Cloud Networks (WCN) 2019, which aim at increasing the awareness of cloud computing, IoT, artificial intelligence and other related areas in the society, as well as serving as a locus for EU-BR project clustering. Both events were held together with the annual conference of the Brazilian Computer Society (CSBC 2019) in Belem, the capital of the  Brazilian northern state of Pará, located inside the Amazon Forest. 

SWAMP participated in four different moments:

Demo and poster session


Presentation of EU-BR Collaboration Projects


Position Paper: Designing an Open IoT Ecosystem

Presentation: Towards an IoT Computing Continuum and its Application in Smart Agriculture

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