SWAMP Paper: The SWAMP Farmer App for IoT-based Smart Water Status Monitoring and Irrigation Control

The SWAMP project published a paper in the 2020 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry ( MetroAgriFor 2020 ) describing the Farmer Application for mobile devices. The Farmer App provides a user-friendly interface to the smart water services running the SWAMP platform.

The services are accessed through the SWAMP API, RESTful API also described in the paper (see schematicin the figure below).

The Farmer App allows the monitoring of the water status of the fields, including current measurements and historical data in the form of charts (figure below, on the left). A satellite view of the fields is also available, where the farmer can see farm divisions, probe locations and more (figure below, on the right). The farmer can also visualize and adjust irrigation plans generated by the SWAMP platform. The irrigation plan describes the timing and amount of water of irrigation events for all fields (and its divisions), giving the farmer control over the water cycle in their farm.




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