SWAMP Paper: IoT-based Measurement for Smart Agriculture

The SWAMP project published a paper in the 2020 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry (MetroAgriFor 2020) reporting an experience with various IoT technologies for the measurement of smart agriculture. IoT-based Measurement for Smart Agriculture presents an IoT technology set applied to the acquisition of agricultural data using open source solutions such as FIWARE and LoRaWAN, which allow extensive customization and integration with advanced weather forecasting, Machine Learning, and real-time dashboard services. The results obtained by the combination of different tools and platforms in pilots located in Brazil and Europe reveal a high versatility of the IoT technology applied to smart agriculture.

The SWAMP data collection occurs on three fronts. Firstly, through soil probes that use LoRaWAN. Secondly, in the weather station that uses RS-232 serial communication. Finally, in the data collection from weather forecast services in different providers according to the region. For the soil probe and the weather station, the Mist node, composed by a Raspberry Pi and a LoRa shield, collects field data.

The charts below show examples of time series of the air temperature collected by a Weather Station (left) and by two weather forecast services (right) for the Guaspari pilot.

The chart below shows the soil moisture obtained by the multi-depth soil sensor probe revealing a sample of the data availability problems faced in a real world operation, that increased considerably during the development of the project.



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