SWAMP Newsletter #1 Released – Message from the Coordinators

We have the pleasure to release the first SWAMP Newsletter, to spread the word about the concepts, efforts, practical experiences, and lessons learned during the development of the project. As a multi-partner, multi-national, and bi-continental research collaboration, SWAMP has been collecting valuable experiences regarding the smart management of water resources, particularly for irrigation purposes in agriculture. Agriculture is the biggest consumer of freshwater in the world, amounting up to 70%, which makes a case for smart water management to guarantee water and food security to the world’s population.
In the SWAMP Newsletter #1, we expect to convey valuable information to different interested stakeholders regarding impact creation measures of communication, dissemination, and exploitation. Notably, this issue is featuring:
• Summary of SWAMP Communication Activities
• Summary of SWAMP Dissemination Activities
• Summary of SWAMP Exploitation Activities
• SWAMP Interest Group – Call for Members
• News from the SWAMP Pilots
• Summary of recent research papers
If you are willing to obtain additional information regarding the SWAMP Project’s findings, please do not hesitate to contact us by any means, including the official project email at contact@swamp-project.org. Also, if you want to be a member of the SWAMP Interest Group, which promotes the exploitation of SWAMP project results firsthand, please sign up here.


Juha-Pekka Soininen & Carlos Kamienski
(on behalf of the SWAMP partners)


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