Exploitation Activities

Exploitation efforts aim to guarantee that significant project results survive after the project, taking concrete measures to exploit project results in three ways:

  1. Using project results in further research activities not covered within the project
  2. Developing and providing a product, process or service, which have a clear focus on the market
  3. Using project results in standardization activities and policy-making or advocacy actions

SWAMP conducted an internal workshop on innovation and exploitation in 2018, where all partners showed their perspectives of possibilities, opportunities, and barriers for the exploitation of SWAMP results, always followed by a series of questions and comments. Given the profile of SWAMP consortium members, both exploitation way #1 (research, by academic partners) and #2 (market, by business partners) have been explicitly pursued. An international project derived from SWAMP has already been proposed, and it is now waiting for the final results. SWAMP concepts and technologies are aimed at a technology readiness level (TRL) of 7, which may vary for different platform components. Business partners also have a desire to transform the SWAMP technologies into services and products.

Also, SWAMP has been putting forward the SWAMP Interest Group (SIG) for bringing together stakeholders with special interests in the approaches, technologies, experiences, findings, results, and exploitation opportunities of the SWAMP project firsthand. SIG members may be companies, individuals, government agencies, third sector organizations, or any interested stakeholder. Being a member of SIG is non-binding as SIG members do not have responsibilities and may allocate effort at their discretion.  If you (or your organization) are interested in being a member of the SIG, please register here.


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