Dissemination Activities

Dissemination refers to the spreading of technical and scientific knowledge generated within a project, an essential endeavor for its outcomes to take up that is also a measure of project impact. SWAMP includes four very relevant pilots, around which the interplay between research, public, and private partners is well shaped since the early stages of the project. Each of these facts inherently has been offering extraordinary opportunities to reach an unusually large community of stakeholders.

The target users benefited from the SWAMP dissemination involve relevant stakeholders from different sections, such as scientific communities in ICT, agriculture, and water management; IoT community; ICT community and water management system developers; agriculture community; water service providers; developers of irrigation systems and water management services; infrastructure systems developers; policymakers.

In the first two years of the SWAMP Project, a broad range of dissemination activities have been developed, reported on the website, in the 1st year Activity Report, and the 2nd year Activity Report.


Activity 2017 2018 2019 2020
Journal paper 2 3 1
Conference paper 8 10 2
Short paper 1 4 5
Magazine article 1
Workshop (organization) 2 1
Cluster/Community Meeting 1 7 4

An example of a dissemination activity that has been generating a significant impact in the research community is the publication of the paper Smart Water Management Platform: IoT-Based Precision Irrigation for Agriculture by the Sensors Journal in January 2019. In the journal website, this paper has 4730 views and 6886 downloads, being the most viewed paper of Sensors in 2019.

This paper has been cited by 50, according to Google Scholar.



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