SWAMP Interest Group – Call for Members

This is an open invitation to companies, individuals, and any type of organization to join the SWAMP Interest Group (SIG). The SIG membership is free, non-binding, and participation in activities is optional, at the member’s discretion. If you (or your organization) are interested in being a member of the SIG, please register at http://swamp-project.org/sig.

SWAMP[1] is a collaborative research project involving 10 partners in Europe and Brazil that develops and assesses an IoT-based smart water management platform for precision irrigation in agriculture with a hands-on approach based on four pilots in Brazil, Italy and Spain (http://swamp-project.org). The SWAMP Platform can be configured in different ways to deal with the requirements and constraints of different settings, countries, climate, soils, and crops, which requires a good deal of flexibility to adapt to a range of deployment configurations involving a varied mix of technologies.

The SWAMP Interest Group (SIG) brings together stakeholders with special interests in the approaches, technologies, experiences, findings, results, and exploitation opportunities of the SWAMP project firsthand. SWAMP has been attracting the attention of different stakeholders of the irrigation business, farmers, and water distributors. Considering that it is not feasible to add new project partners and new pilots to the project, the SIG is a convenient way of keeping in touch with project results with no strings attached. In other words, being a member of SIG is non-binding as SIG members do not have responsibilities and may allocate effort at their discretion.

Project partners will develop different ways of effective communication with SIG members, such as mailing lists and special events such as webinars. Also, a survey will be conducted about their key goals and interests to provide customized and meaningful communication with them.

If you (or your organization) are interested in being a member of the SIG, please register at http://swamp-project.org/sig.


SWAMP Project Consortium

[1] Kamienski, C., Soininen, J.-P., Taumberger, M., Dantas, R., Toscano, A., Salmon Cinotti, T., Filev Maia, R., Torre Neto, A., “Smart Water Management Platform: IoT-Based Precision Irrigation for Agriculture”, Sensors, 19(2), January 2019, Available online: https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/19/2/276

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